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Gateway to company details Access a wide range of information from financials to shareholdings and directors dealing

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Unravel the essentials The functionality of our smart reports helps users make informed decision

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Source for reports and news A library of current and historical company financial report and news

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Expedite your analyses Eliminate the cumbersome task of spreading financial statements, get useful applications

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Support Solutions


» WVB Spreadsheet

» Finest Possible Level of Details
  • :: WVB Spreadsheet is developed primarily for eliminating the tedious, time-consuming and often inconsistent task of spreading financial statement
  • :: Extracts ALL accounting information from WVB Master
  • :: With ensured accuracy through the " As Reported " format, the spreadsheet allows users full freedom in working with the data as deemed appropriate
  • :: The spreadsheet is perfect for data and financial modeling
» WVB Spreadsheet at a Glance
  • :: The "All" format displays the data in the same manner for all companies whereas the "accounting" format is unique to a region or a country
  • :: Enables users to create extensive customized financial reports and standard calculations promptly by combining standard applications like Visual Basic macros, Excel, Word and WVB Financial Spreadsheet
  • :: The file format is a comma delimited CSV-file for opening in any spreadsheet or database application
» Delivery of WVB Spreadsheet
  • :: The WVB Spreadsheet can be delivered via the WVB website OR through our strategic partners.
  • :: For fast integration into corporate intra-net applications where delivery is done via FTP or CD-ROM


» WVB Report Editor

» Web-based report builder
  • :: Operates on spreadsheet capabilities
  • :: Enables sophisticated queries to be made with help of the WVB Report Editor supported by the underlying unique database structure of WVB Master
  • :: A proven invaluable tool for equities research and peer group analysis
» Applications
  • :: The report-building process is in 5 steps:
    a) Select the range of companies, e.g. 150 top favourite companies
    b) Select the data items, e.g., accounting items as amortization as well as predefined items such as ROE and/or Free Cash Flow
    c) Select the time period
    d) Select the layout
    e) Save the query
  • :: Easy change tracking system
  • :: Further data manipulation is easy to do in Excel
  • :: Can confidentially store the query for later updates
  • :: Mobility is in hand with the portability of a web-based application
» Access to WVB Report Editor
  • :: The service is available via the WVB web site