» Financial database

Gateway to company details Access a wide range of information from financials to shareholdings and directors dealing

» Reports Service

Unravel the essentials The functionality of our smart reports helps users make informed decision

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Source for reports and news A library of current and historical company financial report and news

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Expedite your analyses Eliminate the cumbersome task of spreading financial statements, get useful applications

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Product Overview

WVB's underlying product framework operates on two core databases, namely the WVB Master and WVB Analyst. Our product range is structured to suit users' exclusive needs.

  • :: WVB PDQ [Original documents in PDF/TIF format]
    Archive of annual reports, interims, proxies and other company reports
  • :: WVB Master [As reported database]
    WVB's core database of the detailed balance sheet, income and cash flow statement of listed companies, as reported by the companies, in accordance with the local accounting, presentation and disclosure standards
  • :: WVB Analyst [Harmonised database]
    Derived from the WVB Master database. With 600 transparent and harmonised data elements, the data enables search and analytic comparisons between companies across national boundaries
  • :: WVB Quickview [1-page standard company report]
    Asnapshot containing company description, key financial data items and ratios
  • :: WVB Trader [1-page standard company report]
    A trading desktop with concise and objective company information in a consistent format, designed to answer basic trading needs
  • :: WVB Dossier [5-page standard company report]
    Gives you 10 years of financial history up to 150 lines of numerical data. Substantial supplementary information including subsidiaries, directors, major shareholders as well as business and geographical breakdown is also covered
  • :: WVB Business Risk [1-page risk report]
    Provides peer-to-peer comparisons of business risk factor analyses and proprietary risk measurement with WVB Predictable Overall Risk
  • :: WVB Credit Risk [5-page risk report]
    Provides an analysis of a company's creditworthiness and debt capacity including WVB's scoring and a number of Standard ratios analysis & model results.
  • :: WVB Spreadsheet [ASCII file]
    A powerful platform that enables users to create extensive customisation via the integration of standard applications


» Other Services Include

  • :: Press Releases [Company news library]
    Online historical and current news archive of various company press releases
  • :: WVB Report Editor [Web-based report builder]
    Enables sophisticated queries to be made with help of the WVB Report Editor supported by the underlying unique database structure of WVB Master
  • :: WVB/Moodys Famas Encore Report [Financial statement analysis software]
    Allows users to perform analyses ranging from historical projection to ratio performance to peer group comparisons and creation of user-defined calculations. Provides the service of spreading private company data
  • :: WVB Valuation Models [DCF valuation model]
    Performs discounted cash flow valuation utilising the McKinsey Economic Value Added (EVA) framework.
  • :: WVB Corporate Services [Professional consultation]
    Provides know-how on data integration and modeling specifications

» From Products & Delivery

WVB embeds reliable data with high-tech interfaces to present to our users easy-to-use and flexible products, optimising data retrieval and functionality.
  • :: Built-in electronic tracking systems for errors and omission
  • :: Standardised architecture & interface
  • :: SQL & OLAP possibilities
  • :: Flexible delivery options - mirrored database, web, ftp, tape, CD-ROM etc

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Benchmark Auditing
Due Diligence
Supervisory Work
Commercial Lenders
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Corporate Treasuries
Business Risk Analysis
Corporate Finance
Corporate Strategic Planners
Business Consultants
Mergers & Aquisitions (M&As)
Financial-modelling Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI), Economic Value Added (EVA), Discounted Cash Flow(DCF), Forecasting, Time Series Analysis & VAR
Value-Based Managers
Research Analysts
Quantitative Analysts
Portfolio Managers
Financial-modelling Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI), Economic Value Added (EVA), Discounted Cash Flow(DCF), Forecasting, Time Series Analysis & VAR
WVB understands that your professional needs may best be addressed with special care and attention.Our consultants will be pleased to assist you in finding the right solutions.