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Gateway to company details Access a wide range of information from financials to shareholdings and directors dealing

» Reports Service

Unravel the essentials The functionality of our smart reports helps users make informed decision

» Online Archives

Source for reports and news A library of current and historical company financial report and news

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Expedite your analyses Eliminate the cumbersome task of spreading financial statements, get useful applications

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Financial Databases

WVB's underlying product framework operates on two core databases, namely the WVB Master and WVB Analyst. Our product range is structured to suit users' exclusive needs.

» WVB Master

» As Reported Database for Transparent Back Drilling
  • :: Provides detailed financial statements and substantial supplementary information
  • :: Contains "As Reported" and "Re-stated" data in accordance with local accounting standards, as well as supplemental international accounting and US GAAP information where reported
  • :: WVB Master does not suffer from "survivorship bias" as extinct companies are not deleted
» 100% Reliability
  • :: The input models require separate entry of all accounts and initiates electronic testing for errors and omissions
  • Specialized algorithms require balancing before an update is approved and electronic systems are backed up with skilful, dedicated and highly trained staff
  • :: For new accounting principles, WVB researches local accounting references and confers with international experts to reformulate the collection procedures
  • :: Timeliness is addressed with our sophisticated mailing program and persistent report tracking to facilitate quick and efficient updates
» WVB Master Items at a Glance
  • :: Accounts
    The complete balance sheet and income statement, a detailed set of original as reported and re-stated accounts
  • :: Company Address
    One or more addresses for the company (eg. legal, plant and head office)
  • :: Company Advisors
    Clearing bankers, investment bankers, auditors, appraisers, stockbrokers, solicitors/lawyers, public relations firms, etc.
  • :: Company Executives
    Company directors including chairman, finance director, managing director and corporate secretary
  • :: Major Shareholders
    Year-end shareholdings by industrial, institutional and individual
  • :: Business Segmentation Data
    Business breakdown by sales, profit, assets, depreciation, R&D, employee compensation and capital expenditures
  • :: Geographical Segmentation Data
    Data items in geographic format. See business segmentation
  • :: DVFA Earnings
    Earnings reconciliation module for German companies for fiscal years since 1995
  • :: Domestic GAAP to IAS/US GAAP
    Earnings reconciliation between domestic accounting standards to IAS or US GAAP standards for 1995 and later. Included only if company doesn't provide full detailed IAS accounts.
  • :: Dividend Summary
    Dividend payouts linked to the share type
  • :: Earnings Summary
    Reported and calculated earnings per share
  • :: Calendar of future events Dates relating to future annual meetings, earnings releases, dividend payments, etc.
» Delivery of WVB Master
  • :: WVB Master can be delivered via WVB’s “The Box”, the WVB website OR through our strategic partners
  • :: “The Box” enables fast integration into corporate intra-net applications


»WVB Analyst

» Harmonised database for your analytic solutions
  • :: Enables search and analytical comparisons between companies, within and across national boundaries
  • :: WVB Analyst is the premier international financial database for portfolio managers and researchers
» Capabilities
  • :: Fast easy searching
    With up to 600 data elements per record, detailed company profiles include SIC codes, geographic location, major shareholders, business descriptions and more, making search by specific criteria quick and easy
  • :: Analytical comparisons
    Financial statements, pre-calculated ratios, growth rates, market data, exchange rates and other key financial information enable you to conduct the comprehensive analytical modelling and comparisons necessary for effective top-down and bottom-up research
» Quick Facts
  • :: Unparalleled coverage
    Up to 30 years of historical data on more than 49,000 active public companies in over 165 countries globally, plus hard-to-find historical information on over 45,000 "extinct" companies
  • :: Comprehensive choices
    A database within a database, WVB Analyst is compiled from the detailed and “As Reported” WVB Master Database
  • ::Accuracy is everything
    WVB’s expert staff located throughout the world painstakingly collects and organizes the data for maximum accuracy. To provide consistency in the harmonization process, WVB has established detailed accounting rules and algorithms, making it possible to standardize, and drill down to the "As Reported" data with confidence
  • :: Quality
    Coverage and the priority of updates are determined by membership in key international benchmark indices or market capitalization to ensure comparability. WVB responds to client needs by adding additional coverage as requested
  • :: Superior standards
    "As Reported" and standardized financial data with dynamic data mapping, multi-share information, interim financial accounts information, financial footnotes information and fully adjusted pricing and dividend information distinguish this global database from the rest
» Delivery of WVB Analyst
  • :: Flexible delivery
    Via WVB’s "The Box", FTP or web interface, WVB Analyst displays analytical results in your existing models or spreadsheet processing applications
  • :: Frequency
    Information is updated daily, weekly, or monthly. You choose the delivery that best meets your institutional needs