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Global Financial Intelligence

World′Vest Base (WVB), part of Financial Intelligence Services Limited., is a relational database of financial, statistical and market information on active and inactive global companies. The service began in 1984. The database provides a broad range of informational products directed at institutional investors, universities, bankers, analysts, tax and audit practitioners, government agencies and asset managers in corporate, M&A, private capital, equity and fixed income markets. The database covers currently a universe of over 49,800 active listed companies and over 47,500 inactive companies. This covers approximately 99% of all listed companies and a total worldwide market capitalization of close to 100%. Company history is available back to 1984 and quarterly data is available depending on when the company was added to the database.

WVB data is based on the country of incorporation. It describes a company as a legal entity, not to be confused with individual issues and listings and offers complete documents with indexed financial transparency to the data.


  • WVB Pdf Library Company financial statements and other original pieces of company published information which are scanned and stored in a Pdf library to provide an ongoing guarantee of the accuracy of the source “As Published” data.
  • WVB Master The as published data is fed in to the WVB Master Database. The financial data is both as originally reported and also subsequent restatements. The Master Data currently contains two major subsets of data: 1) Industrial companies; and 2) Banking institutions. Both datasets contain various reporting schedules and each data item is unique.
  • WVB Analyst The as reported data is fed into WVB Analyst where the data is harmonized. This is to enable comparison of companies in different reporting and accounting regimes and with different currencies as an example.
  • WVB ESG A new database covering Environmental, Social and Governance disclosed company data. Transparency is key.
  • Integrated Databases
    • Industry classification and universe management by SIC, FTA, NACE, NAICS, ISIC and WVBIC.
    • Quantitative content including business descriptions in four key languages, officer information, company advisors, AGM, subsidiaries and associated companies.
    • Insider and institutional transactions.
    • Competitors and Peer group comparisons.
    • Geographic and business segment breakdowns.


  • WVB Pdf Documents From the Pdf Library described above.
  • WVB Quickview provides simplified and standardized key financial data extracted from annual reports with up to three years history. This product meets the requirements of anyone who needs to see core information and basic trends.
  • WVB Trader This comprehensive product provides up to the last six years history. Trader is designed to meet the expectations of corporate users who require detailed, reliable and fast information.
  • WVB Dossier This is “The Premier Product” providing up to the last ten years of history (or more as requested and available), including quarterly and interim reports. Dossier contains up to 2,520 data items per company and satisfies stringent analytical needs.
  • WVB Credit Score Extensive worldwide coverage of the majority of active and inactive publicly listed companies.
  • WVB Business Risk Extensive worldwide coverage of the majority of active and inactive publicly listed companies. An analysis of the “risk reward” ratio in comparison to a “risk free” investment.
  • WVB Sharia Compliance Rating An analysis of worldwide, active publicly listed companies, that indicates the adherence of the company (and subsidiaries) to Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence and is relevant to differing interpretations of criteria.
  • WVB Country and Industry Aggregates An aggregate balance sheet, P&L and cash flow statement by country and industry analysis.
  • WVB Auditor Analysis A breakdown of the as reported auditor data items.
  • WVB End of Day Pricing Coverage of an extensive portfolio of markets worldwide.
  • WVB Private Companies Company reports and company details as available for countries in Asia.
  • WVB Bespoke Solutions Flexible individually tailored solutions to meet exacting and specific needs.
  • WVB Outsourcing Specific collection and formatting of specific data requirements.

The WVB databases contain far more information than is outlined in the products above. For more information and to discuss specific needs please use the “contact us” button in the green bar directly above at the top of the page.

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